16Kb x 1-Bit DRAM: MB8118-12 - New! (Fujitsu 4516 RAM Sub)

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16Kb x 1-Bit DRAM: MB8118-12 - New! (Fujitsu 4516 RAM Sub)
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New MB8118-12 DIP DRAM chips (4516 equivalent)

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New Old Stock (NOS) Fujitsu MB8118-12 DRAM chips! 16Kb x 1-Bit DRAM

Direct substitute for 4516 / MK4516 DRAM.


With circuit modification, these DRAMs can be used to replace defective and failure prone 4116 chips.

Example uses (with circuit modification):

Colecovision game consoles
TI 99/4a computers

Williams arcade PCBs, including:


Commonly, the 4116 DRAM modification has been performed using 4516 or 4164 DRAM.  These MB8118 are a 4516 cross-reference.  Substituting 4116 with 4516 / MB8118 DRAM leads to cooler and more reliable operation.

MB8118 Datasheet Link

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Atari 5200, Atari 5200 (2 Port), Atari 5200 (4 Port), Sega SG-1000

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