0.1uF 100volts Film Capacitors, 5% (Atari Chicklet Replacement)

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0.1uF 100volts Film Capacitors, 5% (Atari Chicklet Replacement)
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.1uF @ 100v Polyester Film Capacitor

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.1uF, 100V Film Capacitor.

A replacement for the "green chicklet" capacitor in Atari 2600 (CX2600A) consoles exhibiting chronic RF interference (snowy screen), parts C241 and/or C242

From the Atari Service Bulletin:

-- RF Interference that does not clear up using normal adjustment methods.
-- A series of lines and bright grid distortions on the screen accompanied by a loud hum on the audio carrier even when the audio and video are properly adjusted.

The above problems may temporarily disappear when the unit is turned off for a few minutes and then turned on again.
These 2600A problems have been diagnosed by Atari as being caused by a leaking or defective C241 (.1 microfarad) and/or C242 (.1 microfarad) located between the power jack and voltage regulator.

Atari P/N: 21-101104


  • Tolerance: 5 %
  • Voltage Rating: 100v DC
  • Operating Temperature Range: - 55 C to + 105 C
  • Termination Style: Radial

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Atari 2600

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