Alpine Games (Final Run) - Duranik - Atari Lynx

Alpine Games (Final Run) - Duranik - Atari Lynx

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Final run of Alpine Games by Duranik.  For more details about this game, see the Duranik website.  The final run version has a unique cartridge and beautifully printed outer cardboard box with a unique "frosted" appearance!

Alpine Games is a new game for the Lynx handheld. It is a classic sports game like the old Summer and Winter Games.
Release date: 25.01.2004


  • 512 KB (4 Mbit) module size
  • saveable highscores + code for online scores
  • 9 individual games
  • Lynx HighColor pictures
  • games use more than 16 simultaneous colors
  • digitised sound effects
  • 4 channel digitised music (MOD)
  • transparency effects
  • anti alias effects
  • 7 different characters to select
  • BLL ComLynx loader
  • compatible with Lynx I and Lynx II
  • rendered graphics
  • packed data (unpacked over 2 MB)
  • full color instruction booklet
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Additional Information

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