Anti Static D9 Joystick Port ESD Protector Set: Pair of Static protection PCB

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Anti Static D9 Joystick Port ESD Protector Set: Pair of Static protection PCB

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Protect your vintage console or computer from joystick cable static

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Pair of anti-static protection PCBs for your vintage computer or game console!

Do you have shag carpeting in your game room?
Is your Atari 2600 sitting on top of a vintage CRT, joystick cables waving back and forth through the static field at the front of the tube?

Many 70's and 80's game consoles & computers have little to no ESD protection on their joystick ports.  These PCBs make it easy to quickly add a layer of static protection!

These boards are inspired by a Coleco field service upgrade and feature 9x zener diodes which safely conduct static voltages to ground.  9 diodes are present to ensure compatibility with all devices, such as the TI99, which don't follow the "Atari" joystick pinout.

Universal installation instructions:

-Solder the 9 points to the existing pins on the D9 joystick port, typically found on the underside of the device PCB
-Solder a wire to the nearest perimeter ground or frame ground
-Perform a quick continuity check to ensure adequate solder flow-through and no shorted terminals

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Compatible Hardware No

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