Atari 2600 6-Switch, 4-Switch, and Junior Tune Up Refresh & Cap Kits - New Capacitors and more!

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Atari 2600 6-Switch, 4-Switch, and Junior Tune Up Refresh & Cap Kits - New Capacitors and more!

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Comprehensive kit to replace the typically bad 2600 components

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After all these years most Atari 2600 systems still work, but a number of components do not age well or can create subtle or outright frustrating problems.

Instead of a basic electrolytic cap kit, we have create a more comprehensive renewal package for your early or late model 2600 game console!

These kits are also compatible with the Sears Tele-Games versions of the 2600.

These kits include several new electrolytic capacitors:

  • All new 2200uF and 4.7uF electrolytic capacitors (4.7uF replacement caps will be radial-type)

  • C206, C207 (2600) , C53, C54 (Junior): Two new 820pF MLCC capacitors to replace failure-prone styrene caps: Frequently the cause of audio loss (see product images for install photo).  These will be marked with a PINK stripe on the parts tape or capacitor body.

  • C103 (2600), C241 / C242 (2600A): Two replacement 0.22uF "chicklet" capacitors (these replace either 0.1 and 0.22 caps, whichever is present).  Some models have incorrect parts from the factory, or sometimes the original caps fail and cause "sparklies" in the video.  These are the non-electrolytic cap(s) near the voltage regulator.


Other standard replacement components:

    • A brand-new DC power jack.  Many originals are broken, dirty, or have lost tension over the years. We've even seen hardwired power supplies due to broken power jacks.
    • A new 7805 voltage regulator rated for 1A service.  The originals are rated for only 1/2A and do fail on occasion.
    • (6 switch kits) A new stainless steel screw & lock nut for systems that have a voltage regulator riveted to the heat sink.
    • A packet of fresh heat sink compound


    Service Update Parts included in 6-switch kits:

    These updates were included in field service campaigns. Note that depending on revision, not all parts may be necessary for all 2600 models.

    • Pre-Revision 14: A pair of zener diodes and capacitors used for static protection on the trigger lines (J202 & J203). Equivalent to service parts CA018263.
      Each small yellow .1uf cap is soldered across each zener diode.  Each diode/cap combo is then soldered with the diode's stripe end connected to joystick port Pin 6 and the opposite side to the nearest ground plane.
    • Pre-Revision 16: An 820 ohm resistor added as a field service repair across TIA pins 6 and 9 and only incorporated in late-model PCBs. Improves color saturation.

        Pre-Revision 14 consoles use a 4050 IC which can go bad and cause joystick button problems.  Most 2600 PCBs do not have the 4050 and we've chosen to make it available separately for cost savings.  The zener/cap parts provided are intended to limit the static issues which cause 4050 failure.

        Additional service information available on our wiki page

        Product history:
        2019-07 - Combined 6 & 4 switch products into single configurable listing
        2018-02 - Additional 4.7uF cap added for certain PAL revisions
        2018-01 - 820pF caps changed from styrene to MLCC. Look for the PINK stripe on the parts tape

        2017-03 - Thermal grease packet now!

        Additional Information

        Additional Information

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        Unless noted in the description, all Console5 products are fully tested and guaranteed.  Cap kits are made using name brand, high quality, high-temp parts from Nichicon, Panasonic, and other reputable companies.