Atari 5200 - 4 Port BIOS Chip (for 2 Port Consoles)

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Atari 5200 - 4 Port BIOS Chip (for 2 Port Consoles)

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Upgrade your 2-Port 5200 with this 4-Port BIOS for full game compatibility

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This product includes a 4-Port 24-pin BIOS EPROM for the Atari 5200 Supersystem.

The BIOS included with 2-port model Atari 5200 units breaks compatibility with some 3rd party games, including Pitfall! and Mountain King.  Installing the 4-Port BIOS restores compatibility with no other side effects.

This EPROM will also function in a 4-Port 5200, should you have a defective BIOS that needs replacement.

Most 5200 consoles have a socketed BIOS.  Replacement only requires basic hand tools and about 20 minutes.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Atari 5200 (4 Port)

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