Atari 5200 CX-53 Trak Ball Service Kit - Bearings, Buttons, and More!

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Atari 5200 CX-53 Trak Ball Service Kit - Bearings, Buttons, and More!

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Make your Atari 5200 CX-53 Trak Ball perform better than new!

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The CX-53 Trak Ball is one of the better in-home Trak Ball controllers but suffers from age related bearing failures and defective dome switches.

We've developed a series of parts to bring your CX-53 back to smooth, easy operation!

For installation details, please see our Atari 5200 CX-53 Trak-Ball Controller wiki page.

Replacement stainless steel bearing set

There are hundreds of bearing options but many of them perform poorly in the CX-53.  After auditioning numerous bearings - both cheap and expensive - we've built our bearing kit using name-brand, stainless steel replacements which will outlast the originals.

Bearing Service Kit

This inexpensive 3D printed bearing press kit helps properly replace the single bearing pressed on to the idler shaft.
Improper service of this part can lead to premature bearing failure.
A small vice or large jaw vice grips required for use.

Replacement Optocoupler Encoding Wheel Disc (Atari p/n C020571)

The original optical encoder discs are easy to damage during removal.  Sometimes they warp causing them to rub on the optocoupler, which causes a repetitive scratching noise and may stall the disc, interrupting motion.  We've designed a drop-in PLA 3D replacement that is more rigid than the original disc and similar snap-on installation.

Dome Switches

Atari installed cheap unplated stainless dome switches in many of their joysticks and the CX-53 is no exception.  Sometimes the adhesive breaks down and cause unreliable contact.  Our nickel-plated domes have similar contact force and better conductivity than originals, and are preinstalled on cut & place adhesive appropriate for dome switch service.

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Additional Information

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