Atari 520STE / 1040STE Computer Cap Kit - Main STE PCB

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Atari 520STE / 1040STE Computer Cap Kit - Main STE PCB

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Cap kit for the Atari STE home computers

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This kit contains all parts necessary to replace the axial and radial electrolytic capacitors in the Atari STE Home Computer. Includes Nichicon VX series axial capacitors.

The only exception are 3x radial capacitors provided for the non-polar 4.7uF parts. The circuits that use these non-polar caps operate in the 5v range, and the included 4.7uF caps may be 25v rated rather than 35v.

This kit is confirmed for these revisions:


Other revisions this kit will likely support, but need manual confirmation of values:


For capacitor info, please see our ST Wiki page.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Atari ST STE STF 520/1040

Unless noted in the description, all Console5 products are fully tested and guaranteed.  Cap kits are made using name brand, high quality, high-temp parts from Nichicon, Panasonic, and other reputable companies.