Colecovision / ADAM +5V Memory Upgrade Kit 5v RAM VRAM

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Colecovision / ADAM +5V Memory Upgrade Kit 5v RAM VRAM

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Colecovision & Coleco ADAM computer 5V Memory kit. Comes with 8 DRAM chips and 8 sockets.

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The original video RAM used in the Colecovision requires +5v, +12v, and -5v to operate correctly.  If everything isn't "just right", graphics will be corrupted or gameplay will be incorrect.  Worn and dirty power switches only serve to exacerbate the problem.

This kit replaces the original 8 video DRAM chips with +5v only RAM, allowing your Colecovision to operate more reliably and run cooler!

This kit comes with:

  • 8 replacement DRAM chips
  • 8 chip sockets

Important Note: This kit requires a small PCB modification or damage to the new RAMs will result.  For more information, please see our Colecovision 5V RAM Modification Wiki page.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Colecovision

Unless noted in the description, all Console5 products are fully tested and guaranteed.  Cap kits are made using name brand, high quality, high-temp parts from Nichicon, Panasonic, and other reputable companies.

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