Customer Service

    Shipping & Delivery
    Shipping is provided by the buyer's choice of USPS or other options listed during checkout.  We strive to ship within 24 hours of the order being placed, weekends and holidays excluded.  Delay notices will be posted if extended delays are anticipated.

    Privacy & Security
    Put simply: we will not sell your information.  Payments are handled by 3rd party services and your financial information is never shared with us or stored on our servers. During checkout, all information is sent by encrypted communication.
    Refunds policy for unshipped goods
    Refunds for unshipped goods are provided less Paypal fees.
    Returns & Replacements
    All game consoles, computers, and software are warranted against defect for 90 days from delivery.
    Parts, parts kits, tools, and other service items are guaranteed to perform within tolerances established by the original equipment manufacturer and are guaranteed to perform as described for intended purposes.
    Unopened parts, parts kits, and tools may be returned for refund. Functional games and game consoles may be returned for refund.  If returned for refund, a reinspection fee may apply.  Original shipping costs are non refundable.
    Defective items or kits will be replaced or repaired, depending on available stock. Simply put, if a soldering iron touches it, we will repair/replace any defective kits or kit parts, but buyer's refund option is waived.
    Please contact us with a full description of the problem. Some of this old hardware is approaching 30 to 40 years in age. In the event of an unexpected problem, your patience is much appreciated!