Can I use a credit card? I don't want to sign up for Paypal

Yes, but we do use Paypal as our processor.  Select the Paypal payment option and you will have the option to enter your card & billing information without needing to establish a Paypal account.


Can I pay with a Money Order?

Yes, but this option is not enabled in the store by default.  Please contact us for invoicing.


Current catalog and Items:

Is _____ still in stock?

Our inventory is real-time: if it shows as in stock with a quantity of 1 or greater, then it's available!

Some kits show in stock but with a quantity of 0. The cart says it will be placed on backorder. How is this handled?

Sometimes it can be difficult to predict which kits we need to keep in stock & ready to ship.  Other times, we may have a large order that depletes our prepackaged inventory.

Most orders will ship complete.  If you purchase kits on backorder, those kits will become prioritized in our build queue and shipped ASAP based on part stocks on hand.  If we have the part inventory to produce your kit, lead time is typically 24-48 hours depending on volume.  If we need to order a specific part to produce a kit, the lead time is typically 2-4 days to receive parts from our suppliers and produce.


Are the pictures of the actual item for sale?

Pictures of games, other software, and (most) hardware are of the actual item that you will receive.  We feel that it is important for you to see the real thing, so we try to include photos that best represent the item at hand.

We may use stock photos for less collectable items, such as controllers or RF adapters.  In these cases, photos will be clearly marked as stock.  If condition is critical, we would be happy to work with you.

For parts, kits, cables, and other parts or minor items, photos should be considered stock or stock representations.


Parts Received:

I ordered a cap kit for _____ and the parts that I received don't match my hardware

Many times, the caps in our kits will exceed the voltage ratings of the stock components.  The parts lists on the Wiki are for the stock values, which we consider the bare minimum.  For example, if the original value was 3.3uF @ 6V, the replacement may be 3.3uF @ 16v.

We have written some notes on organizing and installing kits that may help clear things up.

If you've looked things over and the kit doesn't line up with your hardware, please contact us with a list of what was included and we will be more than happy to assist you!


Shipping Prices, Methods, and Delivery Times:

How much is shipping?

The cart page has a real-time shipping calculator.  Shipping prices are based on weight and any associated shipping fees.


What methods are available?

We use the USPS for the majority of our order.  Other carriers may be available depending on size and circumstances, please contact us for information.


How quickly do you ship?

On most days, orders placed before 7PM Eastern will ship the next day, excepting scheduled postal holidays.  Unusually large or complex orders may require an additional day to ensure order and packaging quality.


How long will it take for my package to arrive?

Arrival times may vary depending on the season, weather, and other uncontrollable factors, but our observed delivery times are typically:

For USA-bound packages to the lower 48 states (Hawaii & Alaska will probably take longer):


Priority Mail: 2-4 Days
First Class: 3-7 Days
Parcel Select: 3-7 Days

For International packages with no delay at customs:


Express Mail: 3-5 Days
Small Flat-Rate Priority
: 6-20 Days
All other Priority Mail: 6-10 Days

International delivery times can vary greatly, so please be patient.


What about insurance?

We've got you covered!  We will never make our buyers purchase separate insurance.  This does mean that you may have have to sign for expensive orders unless you have a signing agreement with your shipper.


Packaging -vs- Shipping Options:

I'm interested in an expensive game but I am concerned about have it sent first class.

We stock a variety of appropriately sized shipping boxes and padded envelopes for first class orders.  We know how the various shipping systems work and the kinds of damage that they can inflict.  Rest assured, we will not send anything rare or valuable underpackaged!

During checkout, you will have the option to select either a shipping box, or a padded mailer for reduced costs.  We believe that the customer is capable of determining their own needs and we'd like to give you the option to save as much money on shipping costs as possible.  Note that if the total weight is near the 13oz 1st Class limit, the boxed option may disappear.

If you select the padded mailer option for an expensive item or items with a collectable box, we may follow up with you before mailing.  Behind the scenes, the package automation systems at work for the USPS, Fedex, and UPS can easily damage a game box, CD case, etc., and we don't want there to be any surprises.

Lost Mail:

Item marked delivered but not at mailbox?  The fastest way to resolve is to contact your local post office and explain the situation.  Most of the time it was accidentally delivered to a neighbor's.  Alternatively you can fill out a form at but this will add time to the process.  Most of the time the missing package is found and redelivered.

Returns & Replacements:

What is your return and warranty policy?

Refund Fees: Due to Paypal's November 2019 policy change regarding refunds, all refunds for unshipped goods will be made less Paypal fees.

Retail packaged items, non-electrical or non-sensitive components (such as tools, switches, etc):  These items may be returned within 30 days for a full refund.  Items must be returned in original condition.

Cap kits: Unopened or uninstalled cap kits may be returned for a refund, less 25% restocking fee. 

Electrical components, Electrical kits, or other ESD precaution materials: Due to handling precautions, these items are sold as non-cancelable and limited to damage/defective replacement.

Damaged / defective goods: We may ask for defective items to be returned (at our expense) for analysis.  Refunds will be issued upon receipt of returned goods.  Refunds will not be granted if merchandise has been discarded.

Damaged item claims must be made within 30 days due to USPS claim time restrictions.

International Sales and Orders:

Do you ship outside of the US?  How much is shipping?

We ship to many countries outside of the US.  For a cost estimate and to see if we ship to your country, please add an item to your cart and check the shipping calculator.


My country does not appear in the shipping calculator.  Will you still ship to me?

Probably!  Your country may not be configured in our shipping sytem yet.  Please send an email to [email protected] and let us know where you're from.


Will you mark the customs form as a gift with a low taxable value?

We are sympathetic to your situation cannot falsify customs documents.


Can you send items as 1st Class Parcel?

Yes!  Offer First Class International Parcel service to many countries for smaller, lower priced items.  The option will appear in the shipping calculator.