Condition Grading:

We use 4 condition grades to describe products sold at Console5:


Excellent items appear to be unused or only lightly used.  Excellent means that the evidence of usage is minimal.

  • Boxes have no obvious defects and minimal evidence of handling
  • Manuals have only minimal evidence of handling
  • Cartridges show clean labels and only minor evidence of usage, such as light insertion marks
  • CDs and DVDs look brand new new
  • Floppy disks look brand new


Good items show normal and typical wear from usage but are free of significant defects.

  • Boxes show minor shelf wear or evidence of handling
  • Paperwork has light creasing or minor dog ears, warping
  • Cartridges show minor handling or wear on labels, visible insertion marks
  • CDs and DVDs are clean with only very faint evidence of usage
  • Floppy disks have minor marks on label or exterior


Fair items show visible signs of wear and tear.

  • Boxes may be dented or have minor tears or damage of minor signifcance, such as a missing interior flap
  • Paperwork shows heavy usage and wear
  • Cartridges may have marks and label wear or adhesive staining (Actiplaque)
  • CDs and DVDs have minor marks or evidence of handling, possible stable spindle cracks
  • Floppy disks have adhesive staining and/or label damage (exterior is still in good or better shape)


Poor condition means that an item has obvious defects and damage.

  • Boxes may be squished, missing flaps, have tears, etc.
  • Manuals may be torn, missing pages or have cut our forms
  • Cartridges may have torn labels, scratched cases, staining, writing, etc.
  • CDs and DVDs: We will not sell poor condition optical media.
  • Floppy disks have missing or severly damaged labels (exterior is still in good or better shape)

Poor items are not trash, nor are they non-functional (unless noted), but they would not be considered "collector" quality.

We try to err on the side of under-grading our prouducts.  Whenever possible, photographs of the actual item are displayed.

If a photo is not displayed, or if you would like additional photos or details, we would be more than happy to help!  Please Contact Us with your request.