Jagware Collection Volume 1.0 - 2013 Release! (Atari Jaguar CD)

Jagware Collection Volume 1.0 - 2013 Release! (Atari Jaguar CD)

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Jagware Collection Volume 1.0 for the Atari Jaguar CD.  A 2013 compilation of minigames from Jagware, including:

Do The Same
Atomic Reloaded
Project II Alpha



Beebris is a single-player puzzle game featuring several challenging game modes. Based on the popular tetromino arcade games, Beebris has 40 levels of difficulty, web-based high score tables and one-more-game addictiveness.

The four game modes:

BEEBRIS is the standard game mode. Points are scored by making complete horizontal lines in the Well. Greater scores can be achieved using 'quick drop' to speedily put the tetromino in place (holding DOWN until the shape lands - the higher the drop, the higher the score!). Once 10 lines have been completed, the game level will increase and gameplay will speed up noticeably. This occurs in 4 waves, reverting to a more slower pace after the fastest. As you continue further into the later levels, the start position of the tetromino is also lowered as the top of the Well becomes lower! The game ends when a tetromino is placed in a position above the Well top.

BEEBRIS+ is similar to the normal BEEBRIS mode but with the addition of new polyominoes for extra difficulty. These new shapes do not tessellate quite as easily as the regular tetrominoes and provide a greater challenge. To offset this increase in difficulty, a new special single-block - the Bomb! -  is on your side. This block will remove the line of blocks it falls to, even if the line is not complete!

ARCADE is similar to regular Beebris mode with several additions. There are now 4 level types: Normal (regular BEEBRIS); Progressive Advance (occasionally the game moves all blocks upwards and inserts a random line at the bottom), Random Blocks (Like Normal level but occasionally new blocks are inserted into the well at a random positions) and Pre-Built Well (as Normal but the Well contains a pre-selected pattern of blocks for an extra challenge).

ARCADE+ is ARCADE mode and BEEBRIS+ combined.


Do The Same

Do the Same is a game of speed and reflex.

Through 112 levels, across 3 levels of difficulty, your challenge is to Do The Same! Speedy gameplay is rewarded with higher scores.

There are three difficulty modes, Easy, Normal and Hard with 16, 32 and 64 levels respectively.

The goal is simple: reproduce the symbols using the game board tiles by rotating groups of four tiles clockwise and counterclockwise - and do so in the quickest time possible. You have three lives, you'll lose a life when the timer reaches zero or the slider enters the red zone. Fifty points are on offer for each level as well as time bonuses. For every remaining life there is also a points bonus. Enter your scores at the DTS website!


Diamjag is a strategy transport puzzle game. Slide your avatar around the screen in order to collect each of the diamonds. The only thing that will stop your avatar moving once it has begun sliding is a wall. Collect the diamonds as quick as possible for higher rankings, submit each code to the DiamJag high scores webpage and see how you compare to other players worldwide. DiamJag features 28 head-scratching levels that can be played firstly for the challenge of the puzzles and secondly, once the best paths have been learned, as a speed challenge.


Atomic Reloaded

Atomic Reloaded shares some transport puzzle gameplay aspects with DiamJag but rather than collecting objects from around the play area, your task here is to move several objects yourself in order to replicate a given atomic structure. The game features 82 levels, online high scores at the Removers website and a steadily increasing difficulty curve that will not fail to challenge you as you progress.


Project II Alpha

Project II is a very early alpha test bonus preview of a parallax scrolling horizontal shoot-em-up. Use a regular Jaguar pad to destroy the waves of enemies as they appear (don't worry, you are invincible!). Shoot down a complete wave and you might be lucky enough to see a bonus item drop form the last enemy - collect this to either change weapons or power-up a weapon depending on the state the collectable is in when taken. Alternatively use the number pad keys 1-9 to select between the three weapon types and 3 power levels for each. This is *ALPHA TEST* code and proof-of-concept internal test routines, as such it will not represent the quality of the finished product but is included here as an exclusive teaser to those who support Jagware's CD compilation.



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