Namco System 12 (Tekken 3) Arcade SMD Cap Kit

Namco System 12 (Tekken 3) Arcade SMD Cap Kit

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SMD / radial cap kit for Namco System 12 arcade PCBs (see list in full description)

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Surface mount and radial cap kit for Namco System 12 / Tekken 3 arcade hardware.  If you have a different game on a System 12 board, please reference the list below and let us know if your board contains any additional parts so we can include them.

C1 100uf 6v
C3 100uf 6v
C25 100uf 16v
C32 2.2uf 50v
C33 100uf 16v
C34 47uf 16v
C35 2.2uf 50c
C41 1000uf 16v
C43 330uf 10v
C44 47uf 16v
C45 47uf 16v
C46 330uf 16v
C48 470uF 6.3v
C50 330uf 16v
C54 100uf 6v
C57 100uf 6v
C58 100uf 6v
C59 100uf 6v
C88 470uF 6.3v
C2 47uf 16v
C5 100uf 6.3v
C11 100uf 6.3v
C16 100uf 6.3v
C18 100uf 6.3v
C213 47uf 16v
C202 10uF 16v
C207 10uF 16v
C201 10uF 16v

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