NES Replacement Controller Silicone Rubber Carbon Dot Pads (Rounded Select/Start)

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NES Replacement Controller Silicone Rubber Carbon Dot Pads (Rounded Select/Start)
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Replacement for worn or missing conductive silicone rubber controller pads (Original Nintendo Entertainment System & Top Loading Controllers)

Round-cut buttons for Select / Start

Units on Hand: 134



If your original controller buttons are mushy or unresponsive, the carbon conductive silicone rubber pads may be worn beyond service.

Restore original functionality with this replacement set!

This set includes replacement pads for D-Pad and all digital controller buttons for 1 controller.

Q: Will these work on TurboGrafx / PC-Engine controllers?
A: The action/trigger buttons are a direct replacement.  The D-pad could be made to work but only 1 anchor point matches the NEC pads and it may rotate or float around unless secured by other means.  The NES Start/Select pad is a bit shorter than the NEC Select/Run and may be difficult to push.

Product notes: These are bulk packaged by the manufacturer and may have some carbon dot residue from transport.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Nintendo Famicom, Nintendo NES, Nintendo NES Front Loader, Nintendo NES Top Loader, Sharp Twin Famicom

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