Nintendo N64 & SNES Jr. Bypass MultiAV RGB & S-Video PCB DIY Kit

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Nintendo N64 & SNES Jr. Bypass MultiAV RGB & S-Video PCB DIY Kit

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PCB and Parts to upgrade your N64 and SNES Jr. video quality!
1 x Nintendo N64 & SNES Jr. MultiAV Add-On PCB   +$7.95

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This multi-purpose PCB allows for easy video upgrades to your early revision N64 and Super Nintendo Jr (SNES Jr) consoles!

Available as a standalone PCB or bundled with our optional parts kits.

These PCBs are based around the THS7314 / THS7316 RGB amplifier ICs.  Our RGB kit includes the 7316 which improves quality over the 7314 and puts the video output on par with the challenging-to-solder 7374!

Optional add-on kits include:

RGB Parts Kit Add-On:
-Includes the THS7316 RGB IC.  Offers improved pictures quality versus the older 7314 options.  Either IC can be used with these PCBs.
-Add RGB to N64 consoles with RGB encoder ICs: VDC-NUS or VDC-NUS A - usually these consoles have serial numbers beginning with NS1
-Upgrade your SNES Jr. to higher quality RGB output

S-Video Parts Kit Add-On:
-Enable S-Video output on your SNES Jr.

Product history:
2017-07-09 - R6/7/8 value changed to 1.5K
2018-06 - New layout. Sync output now includes 470 resistor with optional TTL jumper

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Nintendo N64, Nintendo SNES, Nintendo SNES SNN-CPU

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