pxlmod v1.3 Genesis / Mega Drive Controller Port Adapter Kit for Sega Game Gear

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pxlmod v1.3 Genesis / Mega Drive Controller Port Adapter Kit for Sega Game Gear

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Add a Genesis / Mega Drive controller jack to your Sega Game Gear

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Consolize your stock or LCD modded Sega Game Gear or Atari Lynx handhelds -- Add "C" button as pause to your Sega Master System.

This kit adds a 9 pin joystick port to connect an external Genesis or Mega Drive controller.  Allows you to play Game Gear titles with your choice of joypad.  Works in tandem with the stock controls.  Two-player option allows a second controller for use in SMS mode.

Protect your device for use at conventions, or simply for more comfortable extended gaming.

Compatible with both 3 and 6 button controllers.  Designed to drive the outputs low, simulating a button press to ground.

Kit includes:

  • Assembled PCB
  • DB9 joystick port and breakout PCB

Solder Points:

Motherboard : VA1 837-9024

Up: C32 (top pad)
Down: C33 (top pad)
Left: C34 (bottom pad)
Right: C35 (bottom pad)

Start: C38 (right pad)
I: C36 (bottom pad)
II: C37 (left pad)

+5V: C11(+)
GND: C11(-)


+5V: C1(+)
GND: C1(-)
Motherboard : 837-7719-01

Up: C24 (bottom pad)
Down: C25 (top pad)
Left: C26 (bottom pad)
Right: C27 (bottom pad)

Start: C30 (right pad)
I: C28 (bottom pad)
II: C29 (left pad)

+5V: C6(+)
GND: C6(-)
Motherboard : Majesco VA5 837-10766

Up: C20 (left pad)
Down: C21 (left  pad)
Left: C22 (bottom pad)
Right: C23 (bottom pad)

Start: C26 (bottom pad)
I: C25 (right pad)
II: C24 (bottom  pad)

+5V: C1(+)
GND: C1(-)


+5V: C33(+)
GND: C33(-)
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Additional Information

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