Sega Genesis 32X / Mega Drive 32X / Super 32X Cap Kit w/ video noise fix

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Sega Genesis 32X / Mega Drive 32X / Super 32X Cap Kit w/ video noise fix

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Cap kit for the Sega 32X 32-bit add-on

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This kit contains all electrolytic capacitors for the Sega 32X add-on, including a single silver OSCON cap for use at CE18.

This kit also includes parts for the "Kevtris" fix for video noise:

-A larger capacity 2200uF cap for CE17.  This may be just slightly taller than the original and the edge of the shielding should be spaced approx 1mm to allow clearance, or the cap could be installed at a 90 degree angle.
-A 100uF ceramic cap to replace the stock cap at C30 on the CPU PCB

You can also stack the replacement ceramic on top of the original one which might be easier depending on your soldering tools.

If you are using an authentic Sega MK-2103 power transformer there is one additional 3300uF capacitor necessary for a full recap - please see related items!

For capacitor lists and maps, please see our Sega 32X Wiki page.

Product history:
2020-02-13 - Changed CE17 to 2200uF, added 100uF ceramic for C30

Additional Information

Additional Information

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