Sega 32X / Mega 32X Inductor Coil L7 for Voltage Regulator - 330μH 330uH

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Sega 32X / Mega 32X Inductor Coil L7 for Voltage Regulator - 330μH 330uH

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Replacement coil for 32X part L7

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32X may emit a strange hissing or whining noise when operating.  Certain coils seem more prone to becoming noisy with age.

Usage / installation notes:

  • Coil noise is typically a symptom of a problem in the regulation circuit but sometimes the glue or wrapping holding them together can give out, causing them to emit noise.
  • If your stock 32X coil is not noisy, there is no reason to replace it.
  • We do not recommend pre-emptive coil replacement if no symptoms exist.
  • Original coils have hard-mounting legs but these do not.  After installing & testing, a spot of hot glue or slilcone adhesive around the base is recommended to help secure for transport.

Please see photo regarding soldering locations.  Some original coils have 3 legs.  The 3rd is a stabilizing leg connected to ground and should not be left open.

Anecdotally, if you have a Sharp voltage regulator at IC13 (large letter S, part number starts with 3) you may want to consider replacing it.  The Sharp regulators seem to be more prone to oscillation.

Product history:
2020-03-24 - Different coil selected with better lead spacing for 32X PCB

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Sega 32X

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