Sega CD v1 Cap Kit (Frontloader) - For JVC Transport - Leaded caps

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Sega CD v1 Cap Kit (Frontloader) - For JVC Transport - Leaded caps

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Cap kit for the original Sega CD console / add-on with JVC CD transport

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This kit contains all miniature and full-size electrolytic capacitors for the Sega CD frontloading system MAIN, SUB and JVC CD transport PCBs.

It does not include the miniature cap on the laser head (they are not inherently prone to failure and the risk of damage to the laser is high).

This kit replaces the 10x SMD caps on the main PCB with radial lead capacitors. A kit with direct fit Surface Mount caps is also available.

For capacitor lists and maps, please see our Sega CD v1 Wiki page.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Sega CD v1

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