Sega CD2 - Q301 Replacement Transistor (for no power condition)

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Sega CD2 - Q301 Replacement Transistor (for no power condition)
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Upgraded replacement for Q301 transistor, used on Sega CD v2 (both Funai and Sony PCBs)

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When your Sega CD 2 refuses to power on, the problem is frequently the fuse or transistor Q301.  Many times you can visually spot that Q301 is bad - it will be burned, have a hole in it, or other outward sign of catastrophic failure.

An exact replacement is difficult to find, so we have located a suitable upgraded part.  The replacement may be taller than the original transistor - please be sure to bend it over a bit to prevent contact with the RF shielding.

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Sega CD v2, Sega CD v2 (BE2200G02B02), Sega CD v2 (171-6528C)

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