Sega Genesis 1 / Mega Drive 1 / Master System RGB SCART Cable (270)

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Sega Genesis 1 / Mega Drive 1 / Master System RGB SCART Cable (270)
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RGB & Dual Mono Audio cable for Sega Master System & Sega Genesis. Cable is adaptable for Neo Geo CD / AES use.

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This cable provides a SCART connection featuring RGB & dual mono audio for your television set or video monitor.  These cables follow the European SCART wiring standard.

Compatible with:

  • Sega Master System*
  • Sega Genesis 1*
  • Sega Mega Drive 1*
  • Neo Geo AES** (with RGB Bypass or similar mods - these cables have cap & resistors in the SCART head)

Important Notes:

These cables use C-Video for SYNC. Some monitors & devices need a pure sync signal - please refer to your documentation for sync compatibility.  A separate Sync Cleaner circuit is available!

These cables work best with analog equipment and short cable runs.  Correct function with digital converter boxes is not guaranteed.

*These cables have 270 degree (C-style) connectors, which means they are a snug fit in the SMS / Mega Drive (262 or U style) and the top 2 pins will bend slightly upon insertion.

**They are a perfect fit in SNK hardware but would require modification to use in a Neo Geo system.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Sega Genesis v1, Sega Master System, Sega Master System v1

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