Sega Genesis 3 / 2 / CDX / Nomad Stereo AV Video Cable

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Sega Genesis 3 / 2 / CDX / Nomad Stereo AV Video Cable

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Composite & Stereo Audio/Video cable for Genesis 3, 2, CDX, Nomad, and JVC X'Eye

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This cable provides a Composite AV audio hookup to your television set or video monitor.  Product appearance may vary from photo.

NOTE that for compatibility with the Genesis 3, Hyperkin has mapped the left channel mapped to mono output pin 6.  Most 3rd party cables are wired in this manner.

Compatible with:

  • Sega Genesis 2
  • Sega Genesis 3
  • Sega CDX
  • Sega Nomad
  • JVC X'Eye
  • TecToy Sega Master System units with Mini-DIN A/V port

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware JVC X'Eye, Sega CDX, Sega Genesis v2, Sega Genesis v3, Sega Nomad

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