Sega Master System 3D Glasses Adapter

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Sega Master System 3D Glasses Adapter

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Recapped & Refurbished 3D Glasses Adapter for SMS and 3rd party LCD glasses

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3-D Adapters for the Sega Master System are known for getting flakey with age.  Sometimes one eye will go dark or sometimes they won't work at all.

If you need a replacement for your 3-D Glasses Adapter - our's aren't merely "tested". We open each adapter, thoroughly pre-clean the circuit board, and run each one through our heated ultrasonic cleaning process.  The 1/8" glasses jack is resoldered, capacitors replaced, and each unit is given a final test.

These 3-D Adapters can also be used with 3rd party LCD-shutter type glasses - original Sega glasses not required!  While the original Sega glasses are a nice collectable, they were fragile and prone to breaking even when new.

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Sega Master System, Sega Master System v1
Dot Color N/A

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