Sega Master System: Bocks SMS Boot Loader BIOS Kit (for 6067)

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Sega Master System: Bocks SMS Boot Loader BIOS Kit (for 6067)

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Bock's SMS Boot Loader 28-pin BIOS and socket for 837-6067 revision SMS

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This kit contains a replacement 28-pin BIOS EPROM and EPROM socket for the original Sega Master System (not the redesigned SMS2), PCB revision 837-6067.

Installation requires a small PCB modification, detailed in the wiki

This BIOS bypasses region checks and allows you to choose which port to boot SMS software from, Cartridge, Card, or Expansion.

Compatibility Notes:

This BIOS is compatible with 837-6067 revision PCBs.  These are SMS units with no built-in game, leaf switches for the Pause & Reset (6067), and a few other hardware differences.  It may work on 837-6629 but it is not guaranteed.  We had to alter Bock's code a bit to get the Boot Loader to work on these earlier PCBs.


From smsboot.txt:

It has the advantage of not checking any country code or header, so basically it is possible to boot up an original Japanese mycard game (for SG-1000 or Mark III) on your US or European Master System 1.

You can also use it to boot Brasilian 8 megabits games which are not supported by all models of Master System 1.

Last but not least, using a homemade pinout converter, it would be possible the same way to boot up any SG-1000/SC-3000 or Mark III/SMS cartridge.

For information about the SMS Boot Loader, see the entry at SMS Power

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