Sega Nomad 3.5" 3D Printed Two Piece LCD Mounting Bracket Set - For Type 3520 driver boards

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Sega Nomad 3.5" 3D Printed Two Piece LCD Mounting Bracket Set - For Type 3520 driver boards

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Mounting solution for modern 3.5" LCD panels

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Console5-designed 3D printed LCD mounting bracket for the Sega Nomad - makes mounting a modern 3.5" LCD panel easy!

This ultra-lightweight two piece bracket mounts the LCD directly to the upper shell, providing for more accurate image alignment and precise control over PCB component location.

This unique, offset driver board mount design ensures that components on the driver board do not contact the Nomad PCB, which can cause board flex/stress or LCD shimmering.

Our design ensures that the new LCD component stack is very compact. We do suggest flush trimming the leads on the Nomad interboard connector as they will make slight contact with the AV/power cable connector.

Integrated wire loom helps route the cable away from the display & PCB pinch points.  Note that the driver board connector wires are short and will need to be extended.

Installation notes:

-The LCD gasket will need to be removed as this bracket locks to gasket mounting points.
-The intended Type 3520 LCD needs 9v to operate.  The LCD power wire should be soldered to the side of the switch that reads 9v when on.
-You may wish to trim the through-hole leads of the Nomad interboard connector.
-A layer of insulation film or tape between the Nomad PCB and LCD driver PCB is also advised.

Product changes:
v2 brackets include
-Slightly thicker upper bracket
-Revised upper bracket board mounts
-Revised snap-lock system for locking upper / brackets together
-Relocated wire loom that moves the loom away from the bulky "solder zone" where the wires are lengthened

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Sega Nomad

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