Sony Transport White Middle Gear for Sega CD, Neo Geo, Super CD-ROM2 - Good Used Condition

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Sony Transport White Middle Gear for Sega CD, Neo Geo, Super CD-ROM2 - Good Used Condition
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Replacement gears for Sony CD-ROM drives

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Replacement middle gears for Sony CD transports.  These are gears pulled from used CD mechanisms and will need a little cleaning before installing.

The original white middle gear in used in numerous Sony CD transports is failure prone.  These drives appear in several pieces of vintage hardware, and are found in Sony transports such as the KSM-2401AAN

These gears are used in:

  • Sega CD v1 (Sony transport)
  • Sega CD v2 (Sony transport)
  • SNK Neo Geo CD Frontloader
  • NEC Super CDROM2
  • ...and possibly more

If your CD drive makes an occasional buzzing noise, it's the sound of this gear slipping against the motor gear.  This is typically due to a dirty or defective inner track limit switch.  When servicing the gear, always clean and adjust the contacts of all gear & tray limit switches.

To clean limit switches: Pinch a piece of dry cardboard between the contacts and remove the cardboard.  Do this a few times.  This will clean the contacts of any debris without damaging the contact plating.  If you use sandpaper or other abrasive, the switches will fail prematurely.

To adjust, bend the switch body either closer or farther as needed to the laser (or tray for tray limit switches).  Be sure to bend both switch leafs and leave enough of a gap to prevent a short.

Replaces Sony P/N: 2-625-188-02

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware NEC Super CD-ROM2, Sega CD, Sega CD v1, Sega CD v2, SNK Neo Geo CD (Front Loader)

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