Tekken 3 Arcade SMD Cap Kit

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Quick Overview

SMD / radial cap kit for Tekken 3 arcade PCBs (see list in full description)

Tekken 3 Arcade SMD Cap Kit


Surface mount and radial cap kit for Tekken 3 arcade hardware


C1 100uf 6v
C3 100uf 6v
C25 100uf 16v
C32 2.2uf 50v
C33 100uf 16v
C34 47uf 16v
C35 2.2uf 50v
C41 1000uf 16v
C43 330uf 10v
C44 47uf 16v
C45 47uf 16v
C46 330uf 16v
C50 330uf 16v
C54 100uf 6v
C57 100uf 6v
C58 100uf 6v
C59 100uf 6v


C2 47uf 16v
C5 100uf 6.3v
C11 100uf 6.3v
C16 100uf 6.3v
C18 100uf 6.3v
C213 47uf 16v

Additional Information

About Console5 Products

Unless noted in the description, all Console5 products are fully tested and guaranteed.  Cap kits are made using name brand, high quality, high-temp parts from Nichicon, Panasonic, and other reputable companies.