TurboDuo / PC Engine TurboPad / Joypad / Controller Repair Cable

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TurboDuo / PC Engine TurboPad / Joypad / Controller Repair Cable
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Replace a defective cable on your PC Engine, TurboDuo or PC-Engine Duo controller

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Have a PC Engine Pad with a defective cable or plug?

Have a TurboPad but want to use it on your PC Engine or Turbo Duo?

These controller adapter cables can help!

Compatible with TurboPad units from the following systems:

Turbo Duo
NEC / Pioneer PAC-N1, N10, PCE-LP1
PC Engine
PC Engine Duo / Duo-R / Duo-RX

Not compatible with the US Turbo Grafx 16 without use of cable / pinout adapter

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware NEC PC Engine, NEC PC Engine Core Grafx, NEC PC Engine Core Grafx II (2), NEC PC Engine CD-ROM2, NEC PC Engine Duo, NEC PC Engine Duo-R, NEC PC Engine Duo-RX, NEC PC Engine GT, NEC PC Engine LT, NEC PC Engine Shuttle, NEC Super CD-ROM2, NEC SuperGrafx, NEC Turbo Duo, NEC TurboGrafx-16, Pioneer / NEC PAC-N10

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