Universal 3.5" Composite Video LCD Module & Cable - 320x240 Resolution

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Universal 3.5" Composite Video LCD Module & Cable - 320x240 Resolution

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Replace your old passive LCD with crystal clear modern tech!

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Universal modern 3.5" TFT LCD module, 320x240, 5v - 12v, composite video.  Used with a variety of DIY handheld LCD swaps.

Note: Because this is not sold as a comprehensive kit intended for a specific device, we are unable to provide significant support regarding compatibility, mounting, etc.  Mostly commonly these screens are used with the Sega Nomad and Turbo Express / PC Engine GT.  Mounting and wiring solutions are at the buyer's discretion.

Product notes:

-These LCDs function with a 5v-12v supply.
-Two video inputs - the yellow RCA is AV1 and white is AV2
-At power-on, the text "AV1" or "AV2" will appear in the upper-right corner for approx. 4 seconds
-LCD will not power on unless a composite video signal is present

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware NEC PC Engine GT, NEC TurboExpress, Sega Nomad

Unless noted in the description, all Console5 products are fully tested and guaranteed.  Cap kits are made using name brand, high quality, high-temp parts from Nichicon, Panasonic, and other reputable companies.