Vectrex Joystick Centering Springs - brand new replacements

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Vectrex Joystick Centering Springs - brand new replacements
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Fix a slacked, broken, or non-centering Vectrex Control Panel joystick

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Vectrex joysticks use potentiometers with built-in self centering springs.  Over time, the original springs can weaken or break, causing the joystick to lose centering in one or both direction.  Can also cause an odd "crunchy" feeling.

These replacements are made to the original size and specification.

Once installed, consider installing one of our reproduction overlays to refresh the appearance of your newly-functional joystick! Removing the original overlay in one piece can be very challenging!

Each joystick uses 2 springs, one per X-Y direction.  Replacing in pairs is highly recommended!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatible Hardware Vectrex

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