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Chip Info

837-10925 (171-6842E)

837-10926 IC BD MARS SUB VA0 NTSC (171-6843F)

  • IC11: Audio Amp: 315-5684
  • IC12: RGB Encoder 315-5788
  • IC13: DC/DC Converter (5v regulator) IR3M03AN:
    • Sharp regulator: 3M03AN
    • Motorola (ON Semi) regulator: M063A
  • IC14: Reset IC: PST993E
  • IC15: 74HC74
  • IC16: LS00

Common Problems

32X unit appears dead / refuses to boot 
Remove, clean, and reseat internal ribbon cables. Thoroughly clean cartridge connection. Cart port issues can be ruled out with Sega CD and using CD/32X exclusive software.
Video noise or horizontal video sync instability 
Voltage regulator output oscillation. Some units may respond favorably to modified cap values (parts are included in our cap kits), some may need a replacement voltage regulator, and some may need a replacement main filter cap if using an original Sega power supply.

Capacitor List

CE3	10uF	16v
CE4	10uF	16v
CE5	10uF	16v
CE6	47uF	10v
CE7	47uF	10v
CE8	47uF	10v
CE9	47uF	10v
CE10	47uF	10v
CE11	1uF	50v
CE12	220uF	16v
CE13	1uF	50v
CE14	100uF	10v
CE15	47uF	10v
CE16	220uF	16v
CE17	470uF	10v (Low Z) - 2200uF / 6.3v provided in cap kit for video noise fix
CE18	100uF	10v (Low Z)
CE19	100uF	10v
CE20	100uF	10v

C30	100uF	6.3v (ceramic for video noise fix)


Service Manuals