AppleColor RGB Monitor A2M6014

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15Hz horizontal scan RGB monitor, manufactured by Mitsubishi, originally for use with Apple IIgs systems.

A2M6014: North American 110v version

A2M6014X: Australian / European 220v version

IC Info

  • CRT Driver PCB

Tube Info

  • Type Number
    • MT1299ZAB22
  • Other Numbers
    • LR42053
    • E58966


These are stitched and corrected versions of the schematic PDFs available from

Capacitor Lists

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Neck PCB

A2M6014: Neck PCB
C601	330uf	16v
C603	22uf	25v
C604	.1uf	50v
C613	22uf	200v
C6B1	3.3uf	50v
C6G1	3.3uf	50v
C6R1	3.3uf	50v
C6B2	3.3uf	50v
C6G2	3.3uf	50v
C6R2	3.3uf	50v

Main PCB

KPC 3294V-0


A2M6014: Main PCB
C405	3.3uf	50v
C406	100uf	10v
C407	3.3uf	350v
C408	1000uf	6.3v
C409	100uf	100v
C412	1000uf	16v
C501	1uf	50v
C502	1uf	50v
C512	4.7uf	250v
C514	470uf	25v
C515	1uf	100v
C519	22uf	25v
C524	10uf	50v
C529	10uf	50v
C530	10uf	160v
C532	470uf	16v (not present in all revisions)
C906	150uf	250v (450v for A2M6014X)
C907	10uf	100v
C951	330uf	180v