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Capacitor Lists

Power Supply: 605-5703, ASTEC AA11040/B

Purchase these parts as a kit

C1	0.1uF	250VAC (Metallized paper cap, recommended to replace with modern equivalent safety cap)
C5	47uF	250v
C6	47uF	250v
C7	220uF	10v
C12	1000uF	10v
C13	1000uF	10v
C14	1000uF	10v
C15	220uF	10v
C16	220uF	10v
C19	1000uF	10v
C20	680uF	16v
C21	330uF	16v
C22	330uF	16v
C24	47uF	250v
C25	47uF	250v