Atari 2600

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Chip Info

Original Revision

  • +5V Regulator: 7805
  • A200: MPU: CO10745 (6507, a variant of the 6502)
  • A201: TIA: CO10444 (Television Interface Adapter)
  • A202: RIOT: CO10750 (6532)
  • A203: 4050B: Video & Joystick Button (trigger) buffer

R14 - R16

  • A200: MPU: CO10745 (6507, a variant of the 6502)
  • A201: TIA: CO10444 (Television Interface Adapter)
  • A202: RIOT: CO10750 (6532)
  • A203: +5V Regulator: 7805
  • A205: 555


From the service manual:

Service Manual

Capacitor Info & Refresh Kit Installation

"Total Refresh" kits available here

Electrolytic Capacitors

Early Revs =

C201	4.7uF	35v
C214	4.7uF	35v
C243	2200uF	16v

NTSC Junior =

C20	4.7uF	35v
C26	2200uF	16v
C27	4.7uF	35v
C29	4.7uF	35v
C37	4.7uF	35v

Styrene Capacitors

These two silver-colored styrene capacitors are next in line for failure, causing a loss of audio. Discussed in Tech Tip #2 in the service manual. These caps are non-polarized.

Early PCBs
C206	820pf	50v
C207	820pf	50v

C53	820pf	50v
C54	820pf	50v

Polyester Film Capacitors

Atari field change order 1A notes factory-installed underrated caps in these locations causing video quality issues. Covered again in Service Bulletin Febuary 17, 1982. Near voltage regulator. Non-polarized.

C241	.1uF	100v
C242	.1uF	100v

Other Parts included with the Refresh Kit

820 Ohm Resistor - Blanking resistor - (Tech Tip 4, 11/17/82)
Improves color. Incorporated on Rev 16 PCBs and above. Earlier PCBs should have an 820 Ohm resistor added to the solder side between pin 6 and pin 9 of A201 (TIA).
Zener Diode & 1uF axial capacitors for static protection (SB Feburay 18, 1982)
Solder yellow 1uF cap in parallel with Zener diodes & trim capacitor leads. The marked end of the diode connects to joystick connector J202 & J203 pin 6 (button) and other end to closest ground plane.
To quickly determine pin 6, continuity check between A203 pin 7 or pin 9 to each joystick port
If A203 not present, each pin 6 is connected to one side of either C216 and C217
7805 Voltage Regulator
Stock units were rated close to needed current and frequently fail.
Stainless screw & net
Some 7805 regulators are riveted to an external heatsink. This screw / nut combo replaces the rivet.
DC Jack
Frequently fail or become loose, dirty, damaged, etc. Sometimes the slightest tap will cause a reset.