Atari 5200

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Chip Info

CA018087 (4-Port Original)

CA020108 (4-Port "Universal")

CA021374 (2-Port)

IC functions provided by the 5200 FAQ [1]


5200 4-Port Schematics - CA018087 (4-Port Original)

This appear to be for the original release 4-port model as the modification for the VCS adapter is not shown.

5200 4-Port Schematics - CA020108 (4-Port "Universal")

These schematics show a modified pin 24 on the cartridge port and are probably from the * model 4-port 5200.

5200 2-Port Schematics - CA021374 (2-Port)

Controller / Keypad / Trackball Schematics

Service Manual

4-Port mod for VCS (2600) Adapter

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C1: .1uf ceramic
R1: 1k
R2: 1k
R3: 3.3k
D1-5: 1n914

Download the Atari 5200 VCS Adapter Modification manual.

4-Port Switchbox Elimination Modification

The special switchbox used on 4-port Atari 5200 units is unique to the console and can be failure prone. With a simple modification the need for the switchbox can be bypassed and a conventional switchbox or direct fit adapter can be used. Similar modifications were performed by Atari service personnel in the 1980s, and instructions were posted at Atariage here and here


The console & switchbox send power and RF over the same cable. If the RF & power circuits are split, you can manually add a power jack and use a conventional switchbox.

History & Example Installs


Purchase these parts as a kit

Diode is for reverse-polarity protection and isn't strictly necessary
Original 4700uF can be used in place of 47uF but will need to be relocated and have it's leads extended.