Atari Jaguar

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Chip Info

Power LED Color and TV Type

Red: NTSC Jaguar

Green: PAL Jaguar


Or, download: Jaguar Schematic (Full Size, PDF):

Common Problems

No power LED
Ensure cartridge is inserted - system will not function without cartridge.
Regulator U38 may be blown due to using incorrect power supply.
System boots but background turns red and software hangs
Typically dirty cartridge contacts. Thoroughly clean cartridge, shake outwards, and allow to fully dry. Cleaning fluid can become trapped between the plastic shell and the cartridge edge, causing shorts that lead to red screen. Shaking the cartridge and allowing it time to fully dry can make a world of difference.
Check for bent / damaged pins on cartridge port
Audio volume is low
REG 1 is defective or improperly soldered from factory.

Capacitor List

Purchase these parts as a kit

Atari Jaguar rev K, R/P, R2
C7	100uf	16v	
C8	100uf	16v	
C10	10uf	16v	
C11	10uf	25v	
C14	1uf	50v	
C17	1uf	50v	
C18	1uf	50v	
C21	1uf	50v	
C22	10uf	25v	
C24	2.2uf	50v	
C34	10uf	16v	
C39	22uf	16v	
C42	10uf	25v	
C43	10uf	25v	
C45	47uf	16v	
C93	10uf	25v	(Rev J / K Only)
C134	330uf	16v	
C142	10uf	25v	
C150	2200uf	10v	Impedance: See Note Below
C174	4.7uf	50v	Low Impedance

Capacitor note on C150

The schematic specifies that the 2200uF cap at C150 should be low impedance, and early Jaguar revisions follow suit. However, later revisions (Rev R, R/P) have a high-temp general purpose capacitor at C150, presumably to reduce the "Jaguar hiss" some consoles were noted for. The "hiss" is noise generated in the filter coil due to the high operating speeds of U38, and while it appears to be harmless, the noise can be quite loud and irritating.

As of 2016 we've switched from a low impedance cap, to a replacement cap with similar characteristics to the late-model parts. The additional impedance / ESR appears to dampen the effects from the regulator & coil and help tame the hiss.