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Sony RGB Encoder


S-Video and Composite Circuit

Purchase these parts as a kit (with fixed resistors)

Purchase these parts as a kit (with variable resistors)

Unlike the CXA1145, the CXA1645 can support a Y/C connection without needing any further amplification.

Simple S-video and Composite connection schematic
  • Parts List:
    • R1: 75Ω (Or VR1: 500Ω - 2kΩ Potentiometer)
    • R2: 75Ω (Or VR2: 500Ω - 2kΩ Potentiometer)
    • C1: 220uF, 6.3v (or higher) electrolytic
    • C2: 220uF, 6.3v (or higher) electrolytic

Composite and RGB connections can all be made with the same 220uf / 75Ω pairing


Sony CXA1645P/M