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Cap Lists

Adam computer and accessories

Purchase these parts as a kit

Game PCB: Delta

C3	1uF	50v (On the Colecovision, it's recommended to change to 10uF for improved power-on reset timing.  Our kits include 10uF for this part)
C16	10uF	25v
C34	10uF	25v
C36	10uF	25v
C68	10uF	25v
C87	10uF	25v
C133	330uF	16v
RF Mod	10uF	50v

Adam PCB: Gamma

C9	4.7uF	35v
C10	1uF	50v
C16	10uF	16v
C29	1uF	50v
C30	1uF	50v
C36	4.7uF	25v
C52	47uF	50v

Cassette drive: R/W PCB

C1	22uF	25v	
C2	22uF	25v	
C6	1uF	50v	BP
C7	1uF	50v	BP
C9	10uF	25v	
C14	10uF	25v

Cassette drive: Servo PCB

C1	0.33uF	50v	
C11	1uF	50v	BP		
C20	47uF	25v	
C21	47uF	10v


C5	10uF	16v
C6	1uF	16v
C7	1uF	16v

Compuwriter Printer

C4	4.7uF	35v
C5	1uF	50v
C10	10uF	16v
C12	4700uF	25v
C13	4700uF	25v
C17	22uF	16v
C18	22uF	16v

Power Supply

C2	10000uF	16v
C4	220uF	35v
C6	150uF	50v
C8	15000uF	25v
C9	1000uF	50v
C12	220uF	35v
C15	3300uF	25v
C17	22uF	50v
C20	470uF	16v
C21	22uF	50v

Floppy Drive

R4	15uF	16v  (this really is marked R4 for some reason)
C13	15uF	16v  (also, all of these 15uF caps can be changed to 22uF
C14	15uF	16v   since 15uF is kind of a strange value that's not
C24	15uF	16v   commonly manufactured anymore)
C31	4700uF	25v
C32	4700uF	25v
C34	4700uF	25v


Main Unit


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