Commodore 1084

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Capacitor Lists

1084-D, 1084S-D (Daewoo), US, NTSC

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Main PCB
C109	220uF	200v (330uF/470uF OK)
C110	10uF	50v
C111	1uF	50v
C116	100uF	160v
C117	100uF	160v
C120	470uF	35v
C121	100uF	35v
C217	1uF	50v
C219	4.7uF	50v
C220	1000uF	25v
C222	10uF	160v
C226	10uF	50v
C229	10uF	16v
C232	220uF	16v
C233	4.7uF	16v
C235	3.3uF	50v
C306	47uF	25v
C307	1000uF	35v
C308	100uF	35v
C309	470uF	35v
C311	100uF	35v
C312	100uF	16v
C332	10uF	16v
C403	470uF	16v
C411	10uF	50v
C412	4.7uF	35v
C413	1uF	50v
C414	22uF	16v
C415	22uF	16v
C417	47uF	16v
C421	1000uF	16v
C423	2.2uF	50V
C605	220uF	16v
C620	1uF	50v
C621	10uF	16v
C703	470uF	16v
C707	47uF	16v
C708	47uF	16v
C709	47uF	16v
C712	10uF	16v
C801	0.1uF	50v
C802	470uF	35v
C805	1uF	50v
C807	100uF	16V

Stereo PCB for S-P versions:	
C810	100uF	35v
C8011	0.1uF	50v
C8021	470uF	35v
C8051	1uF	50v
C8101	100uF	35v

C508	100uF	16v
C510	47uF	160v
C512	47uF	16v

1084S-P (Philips)

Purchase these parts as a kit

Main Chassis		
C204	100uf	10v
C205	100uf	10v
C206	100uf	10v
C214	100uf	16v
C216	47uf	16v
C232	47uf	16v
C233	100uf	16v
C234	1uf	50v

C334	.47uf	63v
C345	10uf	16v
C346	470uf	35v
C347	100uf	35v
C352	680uf	35v
C361	47uf	16v

C412	10uf	16v
C433	100uf	16v
C446	1uf	50v
C447	4.7uf	25v
C461	2.2uf	63v
C462	22uf	35v
C473	4.7uf	50v Bipolar Low ESR
C474	1uf	50v
C482	1uf	50v
C485	22uf	35v
C491	470uf	25v
C492	330uf	16v
C493	470uf	35v
C494	47uf	200v

C505	100uf	10v
C507	47uf	16v
C511	100uf	16v
C512	47uf	16v
C537	47uf	16v
C544	22uf	16v
C562	100uf	16v
C574	100uf	16v
C585	4.7uf	25v

C634	22uf	16v
C636	22uf	16v
C638	100uf	35v
Neck Board		
C716	4.7uf	200v
Power Supply Board		
C112	220uf	200v
C116	47uf	16v
C122	1uf	50v
C144	47uf	200v
C145	470uf	35v
C146	470uf	25v
Audio Board		
C390	1uf	50v
C391	1uf	50v
C382	4.7uf	25v
C383	4.7uf	25v
C396	22uf	16v
C395	220uf	16v
C394	1000uf	25v
Interface Board (vertical riser board on chassis)		
C258	47uf	16v