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The SX-64 was Commodore's portable version of the Commodore 64. The monitor was manufactured by JVC.


Capacitor List

Purchase the computer capacitors as a kit or purchase the SX64 monitor capacitors as a kit

CPU PCB #250408-01			
C3	10uF	25v	
C15	10uF	25v	
C16	10uF	25v	
C17	10uF	25v	
C21	10uF	25v	
C23	10uF	25v	
C26	10uF	25v	
C30	10uF	25v	
C36	10uF	25v	
C39	10uF	25v	
C47	10uF	25v	

DISK CONTROL PCB #250410-01			
C3	3.3uF	16v	
C18	10uF	25v
C31	100uF	16v	Value given in schematics
C31	1uf	16v	Actual observed value

C32	10uF	25v	
C33	10uF	25v	

I/O PCB #250409-01			
C12	10uF	25v	
C13	10uF	25v	

POWER SUPPLY #250623			
C14	4700uF	25v	
C17	2200uF	16v	
C19	330uF	16v	
C21	1000uF	10v	
C24	1000uF	10v	
C28	4.7uF	50v	May be ceramic or poly
C29	10uF	50v	
C31	4.7uF	50v	
C34	4.7uF	50v	
C40	10uF	50v	
C11	100uF	50v	
C7	470uF	200v	

DEF and POWER REG PCB 1123 / 1124 A-1			
C401	1uF BP	50V	
C404	1uF BP	50V	
C406	47uf	16v	
C407	10uf	16v	
C411	100uf	16v	
C412	1000uF	25V	
C413	.22uF	10v	
C414	470uf	16v	
C501	4.7uf	25v	
C507	4.7uf	25v	
C511	.47uf	50v	
C519	4.7uF	160v	For YOKE CJ26235-00A
C520	4.7uF	160v	For YOKE CJ26235-00A
C523	470uF	16v	
C524	470uF	16v	
C525	4.7uF	160v	
C531	100uf	16v	
C532	100uf	16v
C533 	4.7uF	25v	May not be labeled; found on back of PCB
C901	100uF	35v	
C903	47uf	25v	
C904	470uF	35v	
C905	470uF	35v	
C907	10uF BP	25v	
C911	1uf	50v	
C912	47uf	6.3v	
C913	2200uF	16v	
C914	2200uF	16v	

A/V PCB 1123 / 1124 A-2			
C201	1000uF		25v	(For YOKE CJ26235-00A)
C201	2200uF		16v
C202	10uF BP		16v	
C203	3.3uF		25v
C206	3.3uF BP	50v	Value given in schematics
C206	4.7uF BP	50v	Actual observed value

C522	.47uF		50v	May be ceramic or poly
C602	100uf		16v	
C603	10uf		25v	
C604	1uF BP		50v	
C605	3.3uf		50v	
C606	10uf		50v	
C608	1000uF		25v	
C609	1uf		50v	
C610	10uf		50v	
C612	220uf		16v	
C616	10uf		16v	

CHROMA PCB 1123 A-3			
C303	100uF	16v	
C304	.47uF	50v	
C306	4.7uF	50v	
C315	33uF	16v

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