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*IC501: Boot ROM: [[ROM 16Mb: 2Mb x 8-bit|MPR-21931]]
*IC501: Boot ROM: [[ROM 16Mb: 2Mb x 8-bit|MPR-21931]]
===Power Supply===
*Switching power supply control: FA5317
==Capacitor Lists==
==Capacitor Lists==

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IC Info

VA1 171-7965C (-X1, -X2, -X3)

Power Supply

  • Switching power supply control: FA5317

Capacitor Lists


Purchase these parts as a kit

CE103	47uF	16v
CE301	10uF	16v
CE302	10uF	16v
CE303	10uF	10v	BP
CE304	10uF	10v	BP
CE305	22uF	6.3v
CE306	22uF	6.3v
CE307	100uF	16v
CE308	47uF	16v	
CE309	4.7uF	35v
CE310	10uF	16v
CE401	220uF	6.3v	
CE403	100uF	6.3v	
CE503	47uF	25v	
CE601	47uF	6.3v	

PCB #2			
C10	100uF	6.3v	
C14	100uF	6.3v	
C17	100uF	6.3v	
C20	100uF	6.3v	
C61	100uF	6.3v	
C127	47uF	6.3v	
C203	47uF	6.3v	
C205	47uF	6.3v	
C509	100uF	6.3v	
C510	EMPTY		
C511	100uF	6.3v	
Controller PCB			
47uF	16v

Power Supply: 171-7962A, 171-7874B-X2

Purchase these parts as a kit

C3	100uF	200v
C10	47uF	35v
C52	470uF	35v
C53	470uF	16v
C54	2200uF	10v
C56	470uF	10v
C58	3300uF	10v
C59	1000uF	10v

Power Supply 220v: 171-7960A, PWR UNIT PANA EU V01, ETXSE239E2C

Purchase these parts as a kit

C006	47uF	400v
C???	1000uF	35v
C???	1800uF	16v
C???	1800uF	16v
C???	470uF	16v
C103	1200uF	10v
C302	1000uF	25v


Tec Toy Produced