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Chip Info



Capacitor List


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C1	0.47uF	16V (Main PCB)
C1	10uF	16v (Power PCB)
C2	1uF	50V
C19	1uF	50V
C24	47uF	16V
C25	1000uF	6.3V

.33uF	50V

HVC-002 Power Adapter

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C1	2200uF	16V

HVCN-CPU-01 (AV Famicom)

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C3	1uF	50v
C4	1uF	50v
C5	220uF	6.3v
C13	1000uF	25v
C14	47uF	6.3v (1uF 50v early revisions)
C15	0.47uF	50v

C14 may be 1uF / 50v in early HVCN-CPU-01 builds
Nintendo revised C14 to 47uF in later -01 and subsequent
AV Famicom revisions, probably for good reason.
We recommend using a 47uF here instead of the original 1uF