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The Intellivision was sold in many forms, including:

  • The original model 2609, sometimes referred to as the Intellivision Master Component
  • The original model 3668, PAL version
  • Sylvania Intellivision
  • Radio Shack Tandyvision One
  • Sears Super Video Arcade
  • Intellivision II
    • Different enough to warrant it's own page.
  • INTV System 3
    • Some of which were different enough to warrant their own page.
  • Intellivision Super Pro System
    • A variant on the System 3
  • World Book Tutorvision

Chip Info

Power Supply PCB

  • U1: +5V Regulator: 7805
  • U2: +12V Regulator: 7812

Main PCB

Model 3668 PAL PCB

Voltage Test Points

RF Adjustment


Capacitor List

Original-type consoles (2609, System III, etc.)

Purchase these parts as a kit

Original Model 2609, System III, Super Pro System
Main PCB
C26	1uF	50v	BP
C27	10uF	25v	
C28	10uF	25v	
C30	10uF	25v	
C40	47uF	16v	

Power Board
Mattel P/N	Sylvania P/N
C1		C501		10000uF	16v
C2		C502		100uF	16v
C3		C503		2200uF	25v

Service Manuals