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This page is specifically for the smaller, greyish colored Intellivision II console. For standard Intellivision units, such as the original model 2609, Tandyvision 1, and INTV System III, please see the Intellivision page.

Chip Info

Voltage Test Points


Capacitor List

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Intellivision II
Location on main PCB of unmarked .47uF cap
Power PCB
Astec AA7170 - Mattel 5872-9539
C4	3300uF	35v
C8	470uF	16v
C11	47uF	10v
C12	47uF	16v
C13	100uF	16v
C14	10uF	16v
C15	100uF	16v
C16	47uF	10v
C17	10uF	16v
Main PCB (Rev F, Rev H)		
C19	4.7uF	50v	BP (25v OK here)
N/A	.47uF	50v

Reset Button Quick Power Off Modification

Inty II reset buttons are frequently broken or work poorly. We have replacement dome switch buttons that upgrade the original clip-in style buttons and will fix things right up!

Inty II Power Supply R15 location

On the Inty II, the power button doubles as the reset button. To power off the console the reset button must be held down for several seconds. If not held for quite long enough, or if the power button on the PCB is worn and not making good contact, the process begins again. It can actually be a challenge to power off an Inty II when conditions aren't quite right.

To shorten the length of time, replace R15 on the power supply with a 2.2Mohm resistor. 2.2Mohm resistors are included with all Intellivision II cap kits.

PCB Revisions

At least one revision was made which added some missing resistors to the address lines of the AY-3-8914A sound chip. Intellivision-II---AY-3-8914-Resistors.jpg

Astec Power Supply Revisions

(at least) Two versions of the Astec AA7170 exist. These numbers are on the bottom of the PCB:

Should have a modification which adds a 2A thermal fuse. This power supply is easily removable.
Comes with thermal fuse as part of PCB design. This power supply may be soldered via ribbon cable to the main PCB.

Service Manuals