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The PAC-N10 is an expansion module for the Pioneer Laseractive CLD-A100 Laserdisc player. It enables playback of HuCard, TurboCD, SuperCD, and laserdisc-based LD-Rom2 games. It could be considered a Turbo Duo add-on for the Laseractive, as it provides the same level of functionality (plus the LD-Rom2 games), and uses the Mini-DIN sized controller port.

Chip Info


PAC-N10 Capacitor List

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PCB P/N: PWD-3338

c101	22uF	6V
c108	22uF	6V
c110	22uF	6V
c201	100uF	6V
c306	47uF	6V
c309	47uF	6V
c310	47uF	16V
c311	22uF	16V
c314	47uF	6V
c317	47uF	6V
c320	10uF	16V
c321	10uF	16V
c322	10uF	16V
c328	100uF	6V
c332	10uF	16V
c347	10uF	16V
c353	10uF	16V
c359	10uF	16V
c360	10uF	16V
c361	10uF	16V
c363	10uF	16V
c364	10uF	16V
c365	10uF	16V
c366	10uF	16V
c401	100uF	6V
c412	100uF	6V
c417	22uF	6V
c419	22uF	6V
c421	22uF	6V
c423	22uF	6V
c503	10uF	16V
c507	22uF	6V
c515	10uF	16V
c536	10uF	16V
c539	22uF	6V
c545	22uF	6V
c547	22uF	6V
c549	22uF	6V
c601	47uF	16V
c603	47uF	16V
c605	100uF	6V
c607	100uF	6V

Jailbar Fix

See Hu6260 for JB fix locations

Service Manual

Sold as a service manual on various pay-per-manual websites, ARP2763 only contains exploded views, packing, and a parts list. It's not useful for troubleshooting, but has a trivial interest, and now you don't have to pay any money to find out the hard way.