Neo Geo CD Front Loader

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Chip Info


  • DRAM1 - DRAM14: LH6A4400AK
  • PSRAM1: TC518129BFWL-80


  • Q3, Q4: A1442


Optical Pickup

Capacitor List

CDROM-2 94.6.28

CDROM-2 94.6.28 Cap Map
AC1	10uF	16v
AC2	0.1uF	50v
AC3	3300uF	6.3v
N/A	6800uF	6.3v <-- Seems to have been a last minute addition next to CN4

Neo Geo CD Front Load-CDROM-2-6800uF.jpg 6800uF Cap by CN4

CD-ANA-2 94.6.13

CD-ANA-2 94.6.13 Cap Map
AC1	10uF	16v
AC2	10uF	16v
AC3	10uF	16v
AC4	10uF	16v
AC5	10uF	16v
AC6	10uF	16v
AC7	10uF	16v
AC8	470uF	16v
AC9	10uF	16v
AC10	470uF	16v
AC11	470uF	16v
AC12	470uF	16v
AC13	470uF	16v
AC14	10uF	16v
AC15	470uF	16v
AC16	10uF	16v
AC17	470uF	16v
AC18	470uF	16v
AC19	470uF	16v
AC20	470uF	16v
AC21	470uF	16v
AC22	470uF	16v
AC23	470uF	16v
AC24	470uF	16v
AC25	10uF	16v
AC26	10uF	16v
AC27	470uF	16v
AC28	470uF	16v
AC29	10uF	16v
AC30	10uF	16v


C200	0.47uF	50v
C201	100uF	10v
C202	33uF	16v
C203	4.7uF	50v
C204	33uF	16v
C205	10uF	50v
C206	33uF	16v
C207	330uF	16v
C208	330uF	6.3v

Test Points

  • CN4
    • Pin 1: RF
    • Pin 2: VC

Power Supply

POWCD-J (or compatible)