Neo Geo CD Toploader

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IC Information

Power / Audio

NEO-CDA3-1, 1994.9.8

NEO-CDA4-1, 1994.12.12

Controller PCB: NEO-CDD3-1 1994.9.8

Main PCB: NEO-CDM4-2

CD Controller: F3801AF

  • Laser: Sharp HB147AF

CD Test Points

  • TP101 - From LEFT to RIGHT topside. Silkscreened number in parenthesis:
9 TE
8 HF
7 FG1
6 TG1
5 TG2
4 FG2
1 FE

CD Adjustments

  • VR101: TB
  • VR102: FO
  • VR103: TO
  • VR104: FG
  • VR105: TG

Capacitor Listing

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Controller PCB: NEO-CDD3-1, 1994.9.8

AC1	330uF	16v

Power / AV: NEO-CDA3-1, 1994.9.8

AC1	470uF	16v
AC2	470uF	16v
AC3	10uF	16v
AC4	10uF	16v
AC5	10uF	16v
AC6	10uF	16v
AC7	10uF	16v
AC8	470uF	16v
AC10	470uF	16v
AC11	470uF	16v
AC12	470uF	16v
AC13	470uF	16v
AC14	10uF	16v
AC15	10uF	16v
AC16	10uF	16v
AC17	10uF	16v
AC19	330uF	16v
AC20	330uF	16v
AC21	330uF	16v
AC22	330uF	16v
AC23	330uF	16v
C1	47uF	16v
C28	22uF	25v
C29	47uF	16v

Power / AV: NEO-CDA4-1, 1994.12.12

AC2	10uF	16v	AUDIO
AC3	10uF	16v	AUDIO
AC4	10uF	16v	AUDIO
AC5	10uF	16v	AUDIO
AC6	330uF	16v	
AC7	10uF	16v	AUDIO
AC8	10uF	16v	AUDIO
AC9	330uF	16v	
AC10	10uF	16v	AUDIO
AC11	1uF	50v	
AC12	1uF	50v	
AC13	47uF	16v	
AC14	470uF	16v	
AC15	10uF	16v	AUDIO
AC16	470uF	16v	
AC17	470uF	16v	
AC18	470uF	16v	
AC19	470uF	16v	
AC20	10uF	16v	AUDIO
AC21	330uF	16v	
AC22	330uF	16v	
AC23	330uF	16v	
AC24	47uF	16v	
AC27	10uF	16v	AUDIO
C24	22uF	16v	
C25	47uF	16v	
C28	470uF	16v

Main PCB: NEO-CDM4-2, 1994.11.14

AC1	330uF	6.3v
AC2	100uF	16v
AC3	100uF	16v
AC4	10uF	16v
AC5	330uF	6.3v
AC6	100uF	16v
AC7	100uF	16v
AC8	0.1uF	50v
AC10	330uF	6.3v
AC11	330uF	6.3v
AC14	330uF	6.3v
AC15	330uF	6.3v

CD Controller PCB: F3801AF

C101	47uF	10v
C102	47uF	10v
C113	330uF	6.3v
C114	100uF	10v
C116	100uF	10v
C124	100uF	10v
C127	4.7uF	50v
C132	1uF	50v
C133	47uF	10v
C134	33uF	16v
C143	0.47uF	50v
C155	100uF	16v
C161	100uF	10v
C166	100uF	10v
NONE	100uF	10v