Panasonic FS-A1WX

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Cap List

Purchase these parts as a kit

C2	470uf	6.3v
C12	1uf	50v
C13	22uf	50v
C14	10uf	50v
C18	470uf	6.3v
C20	22uf	50v
C25	470uf	6.3v
C26	470uf	6.3v
C27	470uf	6.3v
C28	1uf	50v
C34	3300uf	25v
C35	470uf	35v
C36	470uf	35v
C41	470uf	6.3v
C42	2.2uf	50v
C43	2.2uf	50v
C45	2.2uf	50v
C46	2.2uf	50v
C52	100uf	6.3v
C53	3300uf	10v Low Z
C55	1uf	50v
C57	3300uf	25v
C58	1000uf	6.3v
C63	470uf	6.3v
C64	1uf	50v
C70	470uf	6.3v
C71	470uf	6.3v
C84	470uf	6.3v
C85	2.2uf	50v
C98	470uf	6.3v

Floppy (AG15F)		
C19	1uf	50v
C20	47uf	16v
C22	220uf	6.3v