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The Power Base Converter is an add-on intended for Genesis 1 consoles to allow the use of Sega Master System cartridges, cards, and 3D glasses.

The Mega Adaptor is for playing Mark III cartridges on the Japanese Mega Drive.

Compatible with most Genesis consoles, but only physically fits the original Genesis (will not fit on a Genesis 2/3). Also fits on the Sega CDX without modification, although it looks silly.


  • Unmarked top PCB
  • 839-0317 (Connector PCB)

From a US Power Base Conterter. This version places the IC on the top PCB and has had several ceramic capacitors added after production. Two ferrite blocks are clamped on the Connector PCB.

  • 171-5697 (1988) (Top PCB)
  • 171-5763 (Connector PCB)

This version places the IC on the connector PCB and has fewer components. No ferrite blocks.

IC Information

Capacitor List

171-5697 (1988) / 171-5763

C1	47uF	16v
C2	47uF	16v

Unmarked / 839-0317

C1	47uF	16v
C2	47uF	16v
C4	1uF	50v